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Updated: Feb 22

2020 is finally over! It has been a difficult year for the powerboat world and for F1H2O that was forced by the Covid-19 outbreak to take a sabbatical year from racing. After the cancellation of the first round that was supposed to take place in March in Saudi Arabia, the season start has been moved to Portimão in May, but the effects of the pandemic forced the cancellation of the GP. Last hopes were held in the renowned season finale in Sharjah to host the World Championship in a single race, but the outbreak of the second wave of the virus didn’t allow the success of the event.
During this time, Erik Stark has been taking part to F1H2O initiatives such as F1 PlayStation Championship with F1H2O, F2, F4 and other powerboat classes drivers, live interviews with the F1H2O commentator Steve Michael and Frode Sundsdal and he has been actively posting and launching social media activities to spread support and optimism.
Erik also dedicated this off-racing time to strengthen relationships trough projects and collaborations with partners such as Hansen & Jacobs, DRKN, Halda Watches, Candela speed boats, Nimbus and Axopar to ensure a supportive 2021 season.
Focusing on the future, 2021 F1H2O and Class One provisional calendars have been released on the official websites:
  • GRAND PRIX OF ITALY, May 14-16th 2021


  • GRAND PRIX OF CHINA, September 24-6th 2021

  • GRAND PRIX OF CHINA, October 1st-3rd 2021

  • GRAND PRIX OF MIDLE EAST, November 18-20th 2021

  • GRAND PRIX OF SHARJAH, 16-18th 2021

  • Thunder on Cocoa Beach, Cocoa Beach, FL May 20-23rd 2021

  • Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix, Sarasota, FL June 26-28th 2021

  • Great Lakes Grand Prix, Michigan City, IN August 5-8th 2021

  • St. Pete Powerboat Grand Prix, St. Petersburg, FL September 3rd-5th 2021

  • Roar Offshore, Fort Myers Beach, FL October 7-9th 2021

  • Key West Championships, Kew West, FL November 7-14th 2021

The driver from Sweden is eager to go back on the water:
“I’ve been training both mentally and physically for a year now to be able to come back stronger than before and to have a chance to win the World Championship in 2021. This year gave me the opportunity to work a lot on myself and to understand who I am and where I want to be. I am very motivated for the new season, and big news will be announced regarding my future plans in the next months. I am very excited and I cannot wait to be back on water and race again!” – Erik Stark

Stay tuned for the big news and in the meanwhile Erik Stark Racing wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and positive new year!!


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